Drugs to Access Altered States? No, Meditation. Here is How

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Your mind has the potential to feel and experience altered states. It’s just that we are too used to think and believe that only drugs can deliver that experience.

You must have heard that it is said we only use 20% of our brains. Have you ever thought what we could be capable of, if only we tuned in that power we naturally own and master it? How many wonderful things could we achieve?

In the modern life, we are constantly distracted by something: our careers, family duties, cellphones, TVs, computers. We seldom take the time to seclude and switch off. To dedicate a time that is just for ourselves, to check on us and see what’s going on in our minds. Then we wonder why our lives slip off our hands and we wonder what we are doing wrong. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning till night when we go to sleep we are constantly surrounded by some sort of distraction. If only each of us tried to make it an unmissable habit, to take even 10 minutes a day for your mind, you would notice extraordinary changes happening.

Many mistakenly think that meditation requires stopping our brains from thinking, which is fiscally impossible, because that’s how our brains are wired. Thousands of thoughts in a day, we are machines creating thoughts. Then what is really meditating? Meditating is quietly observing your thoughts, see them come and go without being a critical judge, just peacefully observing your mind activity. Then there are different types of meditation, where you can really play around the way you interact with your mind. It all starts with deep relaxation. When your body is extremely relaxed, it is more sensitive to suggestions. Your subconscious mind open up to whatever new suggestion we want to introduce. So deep relaxation is the first step. If you are not experienced with that, there are several free resources online that will guide you thought the process, but once you’ll become a bit more experienced, it will become easier and natural and you can just be your own inner guide.

If you have relaxed profoundly, you will experience physical sensations such as tingling, feeling of heat, or vibrating. You might see colors or feel different sensations. Many have witnessed how they managed to experience something similar to drugs induced practices, without the awful side effects and risks of drugs! Isn’t this amazing? That proves one more time that we are perfect, whole and complete and whatever we seek is within us, we just need to learn how to develop it.

People who were regular marihuana smokers, after shifting to regular meditations practice, have stated to feel “high” all the time. Wouldn’t that be amazing to promote a healthier, happier population who can rely on their own body to access the so called altered states?

One of the most strongest experience I lived through meditation, was reaching such a deep state when I could feel my body elevated from my bed, my body was gently vibrating and I could feel my surrounding spinning around. Non in a unpleasant way, like when you are drunk, but a blissful feeling of joy and stillness. Others have told how they saw exiting their bodies letting their souls wandering, and you can find a huge number of different stories like that.

Keep it mind. It all starts with deep relaxation. If you are completely new to meditation, you need to work on practicing relaxation first. Alone or guided. Once you are completely relaxed you can receive potent suggestions that will shape your subconscious just the way you want. It’s amazing what happens in the body during meditation, as you completely stop and reboot your system, you will then feel much more energized and your mood will improve dramatically. Your thinking paths sharpen, and the levels of energy improve.

I would say you have nothing to loose, give it a try. There are massive things we can do by ourselfes to promote healthier,joyfyl lives, and as I always say we all deserve it.

Here is a wonderful program I recommend to initiate this beautiful practice whether you are new or not to meditation. Click here to find out more. The Bio Energy Code is a product that focuses on using Guided Meditation as a solution to clear negative blockages at different energy centers within our body. When the negative blockages are cleared, it allows a person to finally able manifest what he/she wants into reality.

You can get a fabulous FREE guided meditation HERE to get you started.

Humanity would improve so much if only we could all seek that bliss within us.

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We have the power to heal ourselves and create our wealth. If just we connect with the infinite power that created us ☮☯🧘‍♀️💕

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