My name is Serena. I believe we are the masters of our own life. My motto is “Be the captain of your boat”. When you stop living in autopilot mode, your boat will get a direction rather than being lost at sea controlled by the winds and currents. Living a meaningful life is our birthright and we are responsible for creating the existence we desire.

Something about me

I’m an online languages tutor and teach using an innovative method, inspired by coaching techniques that allows fast learning and optimal personal development.

In the last decade, I’ve been committed to self improvement, live the best possible life and help others along the way. My research spanned several topics from nutrition, to psychology, health and well-being, prosperity, spirituality, neurology, and medicine.
My goal is to learn something new every day, work on my goals and help others to live full, meaningful lives. I want to show you that it is possible to have all that you have ever dreamed of and beyond.

There is so much that we haven’t been taught in schools and I believe it’s time to make this knowledge mainstream and accessible for everyone.
So that we can all be the best possible version of ourselves.

Live an ordinary life or become extraordinary and make your time on earth a masterpiece? Either way, it will be only one person’s choice.


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