Vision Boards: Reality or Fiction?

Do Vision Boards Work? The short answer is YES THEY DO. If you hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand. Walt Disney A vision board is nothing but a concrete expression of a dream or goal we set to achieve. Visualizing is undoubtedly a remarkable technique to accomplish our desires.Continue reading “Vision Boards: Reality or Fiction?”

Longevity Focus: This Japanese Woman Proved That Age Is Just A Number

Japan is considered a “Blue Zone” because it is one of the regions in the world with the highest concentration of people who live to be over 100 years old. The term “Blue Zone” was coined by National Geographic researcher and author, Dan Buettner, who identified regions around the world where people live the longestContinue reading “Longevity Focus: This Japanese Woman Proved That Age Is Just A Number”

Homeless to Millionaire | The Big Leap of Garrain Jones

Change your mindset, change your life Garrain Jones This brilliant video presents us one more time with the concept of how we are fully accountable for our lives. This is the inspiring story of how a man shifted from poverty to wealth just with the power of his mind and manifestation. If you have readContinue reading “Homeless to Millionaire | The Big Leap of Garrain Jones”

10 Morning Rituals to foster Success

We have heard several times how morning routines are a vital part to set your day for success. The problem with that is, that many people affirm they don’t have the time to implement it. Now whereas it might be easier if you don’t have any children and work from home, it might seems absolutelyContinue reading “10 Morning Rituals to foster Success”

YouTube Channel Launch

Click here to visit the channel now, show your love and subscribe! I’m delighted to share the brand new YouTube channel of Healthy & Wealthy, which is called Elevate and Transcend. In this channel, you will find stories, experiences, wisdom as well as guided meditations, affirmations and prayers. A dedicated channel about my personal storiesContinue reading “YouTube Channel Launch”

The Trap of Having Too Much- Material vs Spiritual

Does being wealthy, really means that we need to accumulate every single piece of material object the modern world is producing? The truth is we don’t need all the material goods an average person own. We create clutter in our homes, we fill them with unnecessary stuff just to dump them soon enough we ownContinue reading “The Trap of Having Too Much- Material vs Spiritual”

Drugs to Access Altered States? No, Meditation. Here is How

Your mind has the potential to feel and experience altered states. It’s just that we are too used to think and believe that only drugs can deliver that experience. You must have heard that it is said we only use 20% of our brains. Have you ever thought what we could be capable of, ifContinue reading “Drugs to Access Altered States? No, Meditation. Here is How”

The 11 Must Have Books to Elevate Yourself to a Higher Level

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links that support my creative work at no extra cost for you. Let’s face it. It’s hard do develop ourselves as a better person without any inputs. It always has to be a person, or something that triggers that response in us to be wanting more for ourselves. We allContinue reading “The 11 Must Have Books to Elevate Yourself to a Higher Level”