Vision Boards: Reality or Fiction?

Do Vision Boards Work? The short answer is YES THEY DO. If you hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand. Walt Disney A vision board is nothing but a concrete expression of a dream or goal we set to achieve. Visualizing is undoubtedly a remarkable technique to accomplish our desires.Continue reading “Vision Boards: Reality or Fiction?”

Longevity Focus: This Japanese Woman Proved That Age Is Just A Number

Japan is considered a “Blue Zone” because it is one of the regions in the world with the highest concentration of people who live to be over 100 years old. The term “Blue Zone” was coined by National Geographic researcher and author, Dan Buettner, who identified regions around the world where people live the longestContinue reading “Longevity Focus: This Japanese Woman Proved That Age Is Just A Number”

The Need to Grow: Real Solutions For Modern Problems

This is a brilliant story of how some people in the world are fighting to preserve what every human being deserves: a clean and healthy planet in which we can all thrive.It shows that anyone can be the change, indeed every single individual has the power to trigger positive changes. On the other hand, theContinue reading “The Need to Grow: Real Solutions For Modern Problems”

Homeless to Millionaire | The Big Leap of Garrain Jones

Change your mindset, change your life Garrain Jones This brilliant video presents us one more time with the concept of how we are fully accountable for our lives. This is the inspiring story of how a man shifted from poverty to wealth just with the power of his mind and manifestation. If you have readContinue reading “Homeless to Millionaire | The Big Leap of Garrain Jones”

Do it Yourself | Plant-Based Milk that Cuts Back Waste

With the right knowledge and ingredients, you can make pretty much everything yourself.If like me, you ditched cow’s milk, chances are you rely on brands like Alpro or Oatley to get your vegetable milk. I was one of those but sadly I learned that the oils contained in this type of milk and other additivesContinue reading “Do it Yourself | Plant-Based Milk that Cuts Back Waste”

Vegan Butternut Squash & Peas Spiced Curry

Sometimes the best culinary creations begin with inventing a recipe out of the only few ingredients you have left in the fridge. I’m particularly proud of this dish because when I tasted it, I was literally shocked at how good it was. Curries are lovely in the winter: heartwarming and tasty, making it the perfectContinue reading “Vegan Butternut Squash & Peas Spiced Curry”

Giant Nutrients-dense Salad that Actually Tastes Great

What do you picture when thinking about salads? Boring leaves that are difficult to chew, bitter, or flavorless? Salads often make people feel that way and the reason why so many of us don’t incorporate enough greens into our diet. I was one of those! I’d try salads just because I knew it was healthyContinue reading “Giant Nutrients-dense Salad that Actually Tastes Great”

Healing Story | Cold Exposure Gave This Man a Second Chance

This is story is one of the most inspirational healing testimony worth to be heard and spread. Doug Steiny went from being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (Guillain-Barre) that would have led him from palsy to being inflammation free, stronger and more flexible then ever before and 100% symptoms free. How did he get there?Continue reading “Healing Story | Cold Exposure Gave This Man a Second Chance”

10 Morning Rituals to foster Success

We have heard several times how morning routines are a vital part to set your day for success. The problem with that is, that many people affirm they don’t have the time to implement it. Now whereas it might be easier if you don’t have any children and work from home, it might seem absolutelyContinue reading “10 Morning Rituals to foster Success”

Smoothie Bowls – Have it your way

Unleash your food creativity inventing your own smoothie bowls. These delicious and colorful dishes are so versatile that you can throw in all your favorite ingredients in one super tasty bowl.It only takes seconds to make one and it tastes great! Furthermore, it gives you the chance to get all the super nutrients you needContinue reading “Smoothie Bowls – Have it your way”