My secret weapon against Corona and other viruses

How many of you wandered if there is something that we can do to prevent catching a virus?
Ranging from the so popular Corona Virus to other types of viruses that go around all year long, we might not be able to control 100% what we get in touch with, but what we can certainly do, is making our immune system bullet proof, so that no matter what comes our way, our personal army is fit and ready to fight any intruders in our bodies.

Our lifestyle is certainly one of the main factor that influence our overall health. Too much stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, smoke and alcohol can easily lead to a weakened immune system. That means it’s easier to get ill in general. Have you ever wondered why some people constantly catch a cold, flu, infections etc? While others you never seen them with a runny nose, or with a flu. Well the answer is these group of people have a strong immune system.

So what can we do to super boost our defense? Apart from looking after all aspects of our lifestyle, as said above, there are small tricks and practices we can introduce in our daily routines, to make sure our good bacteria stay strong. Today I would like to talk about my special remedy that’s being my best ally through the Corona Virus crisis.
The Four Thieves Vinegar. Funny name right? In fact there is an intriguing legend behind this name. Actually there are few versions but I’ll stick with one.

It is said that around 1630 during one of the worst epidemic of plague in France, four thieves took advantage of the situation by introducing themselves into the homes of dying people to rob them.
It was certainly very risky to get around those times, but the four thieves had their secret weapon. They had experimented an herbs infused vinegar which protected them from contracting the disease.
The thieves used to rub the vinegar on their wrists and temples each day before going out.

When a day they got arrested and condemned to death, a judge got particularly curious on how the thieves survived the plague and he promised them to release them in case they shared their secret. So did the thieves and since then, all over France they started producing a balsamic vinegar who was said to protect from infective diseases.

There are different variations to produce this vinegar. Let’s see how I made mine.

In a liter of apple cider vinegar I finely chopped a garlic clove, added mashed sage leaves, a tbsp of rosemary, a tbsp of thyme and a tbsp of oregano leaves. Place the ingredients into a glass bottle and store it in the dark. I let it fermented 2 weeks and after that, not only I used to rub it in my wrists just like the thieves did, but I also got the habit to drink a tsp mixed in a glass of water everyday 15 minutes before eating.
Apple cider vinegar promotes detoxification when you have it before food, and the herbs in it work as a super booster for your immune system, while fighting bacteria. In fact garlic and oregano have strong anti bacterial anti fungal properties as well as the apple cider vinegar itself.

Bonus Hack: Spray some vinegar into your scalp and let it sit over night to get rid of dandruff and promote a very fast hair growth. I’m doing it for the last few weeks and noticed and increased hair growth.

To make your own is really easy, but just in case you want to skip the prep part and have it ready, you can find yours on Amazon. To get yours just click here.

Apple cider vinegar in general has loads of uses included for skin care and beauty in general. You can do your own research or get it all in one place with this e-book. It contains tricks and tips about all the possible uses of apple cider vinegar. Why not give it a try!

Thanks for reading and let me know your comments below!

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