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I’m delighted to share the brand new YouTube channel of Healthy & Wealthy, which is called Elevate and Transcend. In this channel, you will find stories, experiences, wisdom as well as guided meditations, affirmations and prayers.

A dedicated channel about my personal stories and experiences to inspire and sparkle curiosity towards personal growth. It’s true that our experiences and thoughts shape our personality, however, we can choose to be who we want to be and make that happen through a personal journey that ultimately will lead to self-realization.

Understanding that we have a big impact on the course of our lives, gives you the power back to be in charge of your adventure on earth as a soul. I help people harness their passions and talents to achieve the life they desire and deserve. These ideas have worked for millions of people. They can work for you too. I feel blessed enough to be able to guide you towards an awakening process and create paradise on earth.

Make life a blissful experience rather than a struggle to survive. It’s wonderful how you can turn things around quickly and live on your own terms.

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To your best possible life.


Founder of Healthy & Wealthy

Best Citrus Blueberries Pancakes

For all pancakes lovers, here I have the perfect recipe to enjoy the best pancakes you’ve ever eaten. Guaranteed!

Let’s have a look at the list of ingredients for 4 people:

Half cup of blended gluten-free oats
One cup spelt flour
Grate the zest of lime/lemon/orange
Juice of half orange and half lemon
A handful of blueberries
2 ripe bananas
1 Egg
A tsp of baking soda
A sprinkle of cinnamon powder

The order doesn’t matter, just add all the ingredients to a recipient and use a hand mixer until you have a semi-liquid mixture.
Heat a pan with coconut oil, when it’s hot enough pour enough mixture for the first pancake.

I like to make my pancakes one by one so I can place it right at the centre of the pan. This way they are cooked to perfection and you get that nice golden/ brown colour.

I serve my pancakes with shredded coconut and homemade blueberries marmalade.
Other options are: honey, your favourite fruits, nuts, seeds, yoghurt, dark chocolate.

Let me know down in the comment if you tried it and if you liked them!

Peaceful Retreat in the Cotswold (England) for Body & Soul

If you live in a big metropolis, you might feel from time to time, the need to escape to peaceful quiet places. Where your body, mind and spirit can reconnect. The countryside and naturalistic places in general are just the perfect spot to do that.

Fresh air, huge green spaces, birds chirping and friendly people! If you share the experience with your loved ones even better. In this article, I’ll share with you how to organize your perfect escape to the Cotsowold, without having to spend a fortune and above all without a car! So if you want to find out. Keep reading.

We started our journey in a super comfy coach from London Victoria to Oxoford. Stagecoch is the company that run the services and you can take you ticket for as little as £8. In less than 2 hour we arrived in Oxford. From the upper deck we enjoyed a beautiful view throughout. Leaving the chaos of the capital behind, we saw the countryside unfolding, little villages stretching in the beautiful green country, and just beautiful nature.

Oxford itself is beautiful, you could even add a day there and visit one of the most renowned universities in the world. Great spot to visit if you’re passionate about the Harry Potter series. In fact the University library as well as other parts, have been used as set in the popular movies.

From Oxford we got a bus (S1) to Witney, where we had booked our accommodation. It only took us less than 30 minutes and again the journey itself was apleasure for the eyes. Tiny villages made with tipical honey coloured stone cottages, beautiful flowers all over and small traditional shops.

When we arrived in Witney, our walk to the Guesthouse was lovely. It looked like the time had stopped, and all you could hear was just the birds chirping. (I LOVE IT!). When we arrived at Laurels guest house, we were received by a warm and friendly host, Anna. She has made our stay wonderful throughout. Since it was our anniversary, she had even put fresh flowers in our room. Every morning we enjoyed a tasty breakfast with a view on the garden, it was just beautiful and relaxing, to start the day like that.

Delicious breakfast at Laurels Guesthouse

Here is a bit more about our itinerary.

Day one.


After dropping our belongings in our cute room, we headed straight to Burford. It was less than 20 minutes, you can pay straight on the bus with a contactless card. Burford is simply beautiful. Situated in the south part of the Cotwolds, it’s tiny and a pleasure to walk around. We indulged in a small cafe that had a quiet, backyard terrace. The food was delicious and the atmosphere absolutely relaxed. Even in the other guests we could see how peaceful and quiet everyone was. Especially lovely old couples enjoying their traditional English cream tea.

After this short stop we explored an antique shop and if you are a fan of Harry Potter there you would find all items which probably were part of the movie set. Amazing! You can take beautiful pictures in Burford and the view from the hill will make them look amazing.

Day two.

That’s when we most had time to discover and in fact that’s when we visited the most places. Again we took a bus from Witney to Nortleach, this little city itself is adorable, but our destination was actually Bibury. Probably one of the most iconic village of the Cotswold and even most photographed! Harlington Road indeed is the typical line of old pretty cottages that really represents the essence of the Cotswold. In Bibury we had lovely lunch at The Swan, a stunning hotel with a garden looking at all the beauty of Bibury. If you climb up the hill you can walk in the nature, cross a river and see the village. It is very small therefore you don’t need the entire day to visit it.


From Bibury we took a bus back to Northleach and there we caught another one to Burton-on-the Water. This place is absolutely stunning, it’s slightly bigger so you can walk around and follow along the river Windrush. You will find plenty of places to eat and several cute shops if you’re passionate about shopping. From here we decided to walk to Upper Slaughter, rather than catching another bus.

If you search for the naturalistic paths, you will enjoy a great hike in the middle of fields, woodland and hills. When we arrived, we were delighted by what we were seeing. It seemed as times had stopped there, there were people crossing the river on horses, just a few other people and an immense feeling of peace. Again from Upper slaughter you can find hiking path that takes you nearby towns. (You must be a really passionate hiker! You will walk a lot).

Our next and last stop was Stow-on-the-Wold. This medieval town up the hill will throw you back in time again and delight you with beautiful views and joyful walks. From here we caught a bus to Moreton-on-Marsh and got a train to Hangburgh and a bus to Witney.

It seems like a massive trip to do in one day only, but we absolutely loved it and enjoyed each second. even while commuting as the view was always delightful.

Day 3

We did a circular hiking from Witney to Old Minster Lovell, where you can visit an old manor ruin passing from woodland, fields, river, waterfall and immense green spaces. Old minster lovell is a true hidden gem, once you get there you may not want to leave for the immense sense of peace you experience, and the cottages are truly stunning with their perfect and colorful gardens. From Minster Lovell you can hike around until Crawley and back to Witney. The whole hike can take you as little as couple of hours, but if you, like me love to stop and admire the beautiful natural surrounding it will certainly take you a bit more. After this mid day hike we returned to our hotel and from there back to Oxford to catch again a bus to London.

In short I just want to reassure you that if you are looking to have a delightful week end, and are unsure because you don’t have a car, stay assured you can have tons of beautiful experiences and really enjoy just with a little bit of organization and not a huge budget! In total as a couple we spent £400 for 3 days of pure enjoyment.

If you have any questions or need advice on how to plan your visit to the Cotwsold, please get in touch! I’ll be happy to help you to plan a stay as unforgettable as mine.

The Trap of Having Too Much- Material vs Spiritual

Does being wealthy, really means that we need to accumulate every single piece of material object the modern world is producing?

The truth is we don’t need all the material goods an average person own. We create clutter in our homes, we fill them with unnecessary stuff just to dump them soon enough we own something new. Too many cloths, to many appliances, cellphones, computers, objects that literally stuff our living space. The question is: DO WE REALLY NEED ALL THIS? The answer is: of course not.

From a young age we get our children used to receive toys, so that they grow a material based vision. They do something good and they expect an ward, they celebrate a birthday and expect a present, Christmas has just finished and they already asked for their next present. Our kids need our love, time and attention. Newborn don’t care of objects and that’s why babies are perfect. Kids who don’t own nothing find ways to play with whatever they find their ways developing more curiosity. Let’s have a look to the kids of poorer countries, they smile, they dance and play with each others. Kids of wealthier countries are games/toys obsessed and request present after present, and that’s just why as adult people they become so materialistic. The answer resides in the way we have been grown up.

Material possessions represent a weight on our souls, the more we have the more is difficult for us to move around. Think how difficult it can be to move to a new home when you carry with you loads of belongings. Or how uncomfortable it is to travel with infinite suitcases.

We need to learn to see the beauty in a few selected things we really need and that really add value to our lives. This way we also stop to feed our planet’s landfills, because the reality of facts is that sooner or later your possessions might end up just as waste.

In 2018 I decided to leave behind my working life in London and headed to the Dominican Republic to learn and appreciate that life can be satisfying without all the useless habits we enjoy in western countries. I created a project aimed to support poor communities and kids in school, so that they could benefit from school supplies they barely had before. I was so surprised to notice the joy in the eyes of those young kids, when receiving a simple notebook, a pen, a rubber and so on. That shy smile, showed appreciation and gratitude that immensely filled my heart with love.

I had never been materialistic, and one of the best things my mum could ever teach me, was that material possesions aren’t worth nothing if you don’t have your peace of mind and tranquillity. I learnt from her, an experience, a relationship, a gesture, an emotion are worth way more than material things. And indeed from this experience in the Dominican Republic I gave up all need of useless accumulation, preferring more and more experiences, people and balance against the momentary thrill of a new gadget.

If you relate to what I’m discussing here, it is worth to do some cleaning in your life. Garage sales are a great place to start! Loads of websites, and apps allow you to sell your unwanted cloths or objects. Clear the clutter, release the unnecessary. You will feel light and released. If your kids have too many toys, leave their favorite and give the others to charity. It’s such a shame that so many toys lay in dark storage rooms, when they could lit the face of another child who has never owned anything like that. A coat you never use is totally useless, in your closet if you never put it on, while another person, maybe an homeless could benefit in such profound ways from a small gesture.

The bottom line is that when we’ll get to the end of our lives, it will be the memories of what we have done and achieved that we will cherish the most, while anything else is destined to perish.

If you are up for the change, drop a comment below and let me know how you intend to go about it or if you have done it, please share your experience.

Below is a short documentary about my experience in the Dominican Republic, if you are happy to watch it.

Wishing you a prosperous, healthy and happy life.

Drugs to Access Altered States? No, Meditation. Here is How

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Your mind has the potential to feel and experience altered states. It’s just that we are too used to think and believe that only drugs can deliver that experience.

You must have heard that it is said we only use 20% of our brains. Have you ever thought what we could be capable of, if only we tuned in that power we naturally own and master it? How many wonderful things could we achieve?

In the modern life, we are constantly distracted by something: our careers, family duties, cellphones, TVs, computers. We seldom take the time to seclude and switch off. To dedicate a time that is just for ourselves, to check on us and see what’s going on in our minds. Then we wonder why our lives slip off our hands and we wonder what we are doing wrong. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning till night when we go to sleep we are constantly surrounded by some sort of distraction. If only each of us tried to make it an unmissable habit, to take even 10 minutes a day for your mind, you would notice extraordinary changes happening.

Many mistakenly think that meditation requires stopping our brains from thinking, which is fiscally impossible, because that’s how our brains are wired. Thousands of thoughts in a day, we are machines creating thoughts. Then what is really meditating? Meditating is quietly observing your thoughts, see them come and go without being a critical judge, just peacefully observing your mind activity. Then there are different types of meditation, where you can really play around the way you interact with your mind. It all starts with deep relaxation. When your body is extremely relaxed, it is more sensitive to suggestions. Your subconscious mind open up to whatever new suggestion we want to introduce. So deep relaxation is the first step. If you are not experienced with that, there are several free resources online that will guide you thought the process, but once you’ll become a bit more experienced, it will become easier and natural and you can just be your own inner guide.

If you have relaxed profoundly, you will experience physical sensations such as tingling, feeling of heat, or vibrating. You might see colors or feel different sensations. Many have witnessed how they managed to experience something similar to drugs induced practices, without the awful side effects and risks of drugs! Isn’t this amazing? That proves one more time that we are perfect, whole and complete and whatever we seek is within us, we just need to learn how to develop it.

People who were regular marihuana smokers, after shifting to regular meditations practice, have stated to feel “high” all the time. Wouldn’t that be amazing to promote a healthier, happier population who can rely on their own body to access the so called altered states?

One of the most strongest experience I lived through meditation, was reaching such a deep state when I could feel my body elevated from my bed, my body was gently vibrating and I could feel my surrounding spinning around. Non in a unpleasant way, like when you are drunk, but a blissful feeling of joy and stillness. Others have told how they saw exiting their bodies letting their souls wandering, and you can find a huge number of different stories like that.

Keep it mind. It all starts with deep relaxation. If you are completely new to meditation, you need to work on practicing relaxation first. Alone or guided. Once you are completely relaxed you can receive potent suggestions that will shape your subconscious just the way you want. It’s amazing what happens in the body during meditation, as you completely stop and reboot your system, you will then feel much more energized and your mood will improve dramatically. Your thinking paths sharpen, and the levels of energy improve.

I would say you have nothing to loose, give it a try. There are massive things we can do by ourselfes to promote healthier,joyfyl lives, and as I always say we all deserve it.

Here is a wonderful program I recommend to initiate this beautiful practice whether you are new or not to meditation. Click here to find out more. The Bio Energy Code is a product that focuses on using Guided Meditation as a solution to clear negative blockages at different energy centers within our body. When the negative blockages are cleared, it allows a person to finally able manifest what he/she wants into reality.

You can get a fabulous FREE guided meditation HERE to get you started.

Humanity would improve so much if only we could all seek that bliss within us.

The 11 Must Have Books to Elevate Yourself to a Higher Level

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links that support my creative work at no extra cost for you.

Let’s face it. It’s hard do develop ourselves as a better person without any inputs. It always has to be a person, or something that triggers that response in us to be wanting more for ourselves. We all have gurus, mentors, a favorite book, a program or podcast we can listen to, to let ideas permeate in our minds and creating healthier habits, set ourselves for success or simply becoming a better person.

There are several ways to nourish your personal growth, but the old traditional books always behold that particular power to influence ourselves, to instill a new a idea or to open our eyes. It only takes a few ££ to invest in some good books and you are one step closer to achieve a better you. Here you can find the top 11 books that will take your life, health and success to an higher level, divided by category. Click on each book’s name to grab your copy today.




You Can Heal your Life by Louise Hay ~ is definitely a must have for your self development. Many times past trauma and a difficult childhood, can cause a significant damage, but we don’t have to necessarily allow that in and we can work within ourselves to resolve our inner trouble to discover we can still enjoy a beautiful happy life. The book, analyze all categories of life and also present beautiful affirmations at the end of each chapter. If you would like to have this book in your own personal collection. get your copy here.

Reiki For Life ~ It’s a a little treasure to have in your own hands as it unveil the old healing power of Reiki. This Japanese word means Universal life energy and it is based on the idea that this energy, that forms everything that surround us, is capable of healing our bodies and mind. The aim of Reiki is to get stagnant energy moving again in the body to dissolve disease. The book not only teaches you how to perform Reiki on others, even distantly, but also to perform it on yourself. This is definitely a must have knowledge for the sake of your health and those you love. Get your copy here.

The Tapping Solution ~ “Tapping, also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), is a powerful holistic healing technique that has been proven to effectively resolve a range of issues, including stress, anxiety, phobias, emotional disorders, chronic pain, weight control, and limiting beliefs – just to name a few.” Explains author Nick Ortner. “Tapping is based on the combination of Ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. The practice consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific meridian points while focusing on negative emotions or physical sensations. Doing this helps calm the nervous system, rewire the brain to respond in healthier ways, and restore the body’s balance of energy.” I find Tapping a great tool to instantly feel better, no matter what the issue is. It’s free and you can practice it anywhere you are. So why don’t you give it a try today? You can get your copy right here.

WTF Should I Eat ~ No 1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mark Hyman analyzes contradicting researches on nutrition to explain what food we should be eating and why. It’s a must have book if you have no clue on how to clean you kitchen and guides you through the process of creating a healthier shopping list. It also offer tasty recipes ad the end of the book, so it’s easier to put in practice what you learnt. Don’t procrastinate no more and clean your pantry today! Get your copy here.

The Grain Brain ~ In this book Dr. Perlmutter discuss the devastating effect of modern nutrition packed with sugary and glutenous products. He also highlights how the modern diet has linked to higher levels of obesity, chronic disease, depression and so on. The book is particularly informative about all food we normally consume analyzed by category. It then provides a useful life plan diet along with delicious recipes and shopping list. I strongly recommend having this book to give your life the health it deserves. You can buy your copy right here.

The Four Agreements ~ Narrated through the wisdom of an ancient tribe, the Toltecs, this book offer powerful insights on how to thrive a life of joy and eliminate needless pain. The four agreements are: Be Impeccable With Your Word, Don’t Take Anything Personally, Don’t Make Assumptions, Always Do Your Best. In only a few pages, the writer was able to instill the essence of a happy life. Get your copy here.

The Power of Now ~ Insists on the importance of living in the present moment. As the past is gone and the future is yet to come, only the present has the power to offer us a meaningful life away from pain and sufferance, discovering that we are already complete. You can have your copy today by clicking here.

The Code of The Extraordinary Mind ~ As mentioned already in another blog post you can find here, this book is the very best for your own personal journey to self improvement and growth. In this book Vishen Lakhiani, author and creator of Mindvalley, explains how old rules have conditioned our lives for centuries. By escaping what he calls “the culturespace” we can create our own rules and live an extraordinary life. Click here to get your copy today.

Think and Grow Rich ~ Although this is a book published in 1937, it keeps being red through decades as it goes in depth into highlighting what makes a person successful and wealthy, proving that the magic formula for making money never changes. Interested? Click right here to buy your copy.

Stealing Fire ~ This book offers an understanding of what is actually possible when accessing altered states of mind to boost flow of information and inspiration, in order to achieve richer, more productive and fulfilling lives. Steven Kotler shows how Silicon Valley executives have revolutionized everything we knew about high performance with a surprising short cut, accessing rare and controversial states of consciousness to solve critical challenges. Don’t miss out and grab your copy today right here.

The result of our lives, is just the consequence of the decisions we take during our life. You always have a choice. You can choose who you want to be and the life you desire for yourself. Surround yourself with positive people who open the channel to a better you, listen to personal growth speakers, read as much as you can. There are loads or free resources online, if you are trying to save money, but if you are serious about your development with just the right tools, you can achieve things you never imagined. Strive to be the very best of yourself, you deserve to have an extraordinary life!

Leave It To The Universe- The Power of Letting Go


In this post today I’m going to talk about the power of letting go and knowing you no longer have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

According to Buddhism, the secret beyond happiness in life, is letting go of attachment and desires. Letting go means experiencing life with unconditional love, fully and openly without being needy for things or people for our existence.

If you take a close look to the reality around you, you will notice how the people that are more desperate to obtain something are those who reach less. Why is so? It’s difficult to explain how the universe work, but it’s just the way it is, so if we take a little effort by observing the world around us, then being an active player in the beautiful game of life will become easier as we learn every day more on how we can live a fulfilling, happy life. Let’s have a look to different categories in life:


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When a person is greedy and has a strong desire for money what they are actually doing is to push it away from them. The message you give is the same for each category and it goes: “I don’t trust my self to be worthy to deserve it, I’m not sure the universe will provide it therefore I have to fight for it.” By doing this we are going completely against the natural law. You can certainly make a wish and express the willing to obtain something but the fundamental part is to let go immediately after, by trusting it will manifest, or even better that is already part of our life. If it’s money you want to attract then complaining about the lack of money won’t certainly attract it to you. A feeling of self worth and knowing you are valuable and skilled, will allow the universe to draw wealth to you. There is so much abundance in the universe, we can’t just think there’s not enough for everyone. Like Louise Hay said “It’s not a lack of wealth, it’s a lack of love”. What are your mental patterns from the past about money? Maybe you grew up in a family where you always heard things like this: “we can’t afford that, we don’t have enough money, we are not rich”. These are terrible affirmations to say to kids as they will grow up with the idea of lack and limitation in their minds and that money is something out of reach. Why instead can’t we empower ourselves and others, especially while parenting, with ideas of prosperity and abundance? This is a very important shift to work on, if you desire more wealth into your life. You surely have skills and passions, it all start from there, focus on what makes you happy and the wealth will follow. State the following affirmation “I trust the universe to provide me with abundance and prosperity, I am wealthy and rich”.


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When a person is needy for love, for a relation what they are actually obtaining is pushing people away. People who complain that they are lonely, and nobody love them won’t certainly attract the right person to them, instead the opposite. The saying: you need to love your self first to be ready for love is absolutely true. We can’t expect the person of our dream showing up at your doorstep, if we don’t love ourselves, we don’t think we are worthy, and don’t look after ourselves. Past trauma is also to be considered, if we haven’t healed from past hurt or difficult relationships, how can we attract love to us? It’s important to release all that has hurt us in the past and do some forgiveness work, clear the clutter, get into loving the self, pamper yourself, look after yourself, feel good with your own company and never feel alone. When we love ourselves unconditionally, then we are making room to love in our life, all at once the right person resonating with the matching vibration will show up in your life. If we haven’t done the work that needed to be done, stay assured only negative people will enter your life to reflect the hurt and lack of love you carried in you. How many times have we seen friends or family going from a difficult relation to a worse one, attracting the wrong person relation after relation, maybe abusive, violent partners, and the history repeats itself. Why? Because of the simple reason we just said. We need to clear the clutter inside us before we can make space to a genuine, natural, loving relation.


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Health works just the same way. If we claim we want to be healthy then we obviously need to take all the necessary steps to keep us in good health. But much of this result is given by the way we think. We can keep up with all the best healthy practices known, but our minds are what have even more power and from that will depend the level of health we’ll experience. If the first thing we say when we get ill is: I want to get rid of this condition, I hate to have this condition and so on, all we are doing is extending the disease and creating more of it. Poor health is the way of our body to communicate we are out of track and our behavior or way of thinking need to be adjusted. The body gets sick to force us to rest and think. Rather than taking this opportunity, many of us run straight away into the medicines cupboard to find a solution or to a doctor. All that your body wants is that you stop and think. Ask yourself: what is my body trying to tell me? What is that I need to know in order to heal? Health is the natural state of each human being. As well as other things we could trust good health is our divine right and constantly communicate with ourselves to see what it is we need or that we must eliminate. What are your health goals? Write them down and then state “I trust the universe to look after myself and keep me in harmonious health. I am willing to release the pattern within me that is causing this condition.”


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At work is easy to create moments in which we feel uncomfortable, maybe with a colleague, with a manager or a situation. If we cling to those and take them home when we leave work, all we are doing is creating more negative energy within ourselves and this will attract more of what we dislike. Next time you experience a problem at work, try to detach from it, let it go. Forgive your boss for being unpleasant, forgive a colleague that has done you wrong and move on. By leaving all the negative garbage back, you’re moving towards a happier you a more enlightened person. When you let go, the universe will work its way around you to give you more of the good you deserve. The more you give energy to something you don’t like, the more you are creating of it. Remember this old saying: “What you resist persist”. Next time you have an argument at work, seek a quiet space and do some breathing work and state: “I now consciously choose to let go anything that hurt me, I’m calm and at peace. I get on well with anybody”. Analyze if you are in the wrong job or career; probably you are, for a series of decisions taken previously on autopilot mode. What are your talents and your skills? What are your passions? Ask the universe to show you the way to the perfect career for you, then let go. When the time is right you will notice people and situations appearing in your life who will change the course of it.

Life doesn’t have to be necessarily hard, if just we learn a few things on how the universe work. We certainly can’t know it all and most of the mysteries around the universe are to remain so. But with a little observation of life and above all of ourselves, we can manage to find the balance we look for. It is true that many of us have been raised with certain ideas about the world that are hard to eradicate and replace, but this is not impossible and only requires practice.

There are several books and mentors who can guide you through the process of destructing old beliefs that don’t serve you anymore and build new ones, that will make you a better person, happy and satisfied with your life. The Code of the Extraordinary Mind is a book I recommend to anyone who is looking to totally revolutionize their ideas and start a new life. You can get your copy here. I also recommend to listen to the beautiful work of Louise Hay. You can find many audio book or speeches on YouTube.

In the end we all want to live a memorable, sensational blissful life and it’s not impossible.

We all deserve it.

Divenely Peanut Choco Protein Blast

If you’re looking to boost your calories and protein intake for weight gain, then this is the perfect shake to provide you with a bomb of nutrients.

Perfect to have before or after your work out, easy to prepare and marvelously tasty. If like, me you want to avoid powdered protein shakes, because of what they contain of for their high prices, this is for you.

To prepare it you only need few ingredients:

1 cup of coconut milk
1 banana
1 tbsp Chia seeds
1 tbsp of cocoa powder
1 tbsp of peanut butter

Blend all together until a smooth consistence is reached. I prefer to soak the Chia seeds overnight with the coconut milk so they hydrate and become easier to blend. It will also help you to make the mixture extremely creamy and tick. So if you like it more fluid, make sure to add extra milk.

Now take a moment for yourself and enjoy.

Move From A State Of Fear To Trust

We are constantly terrorized by our own thinking. Many of us think scary, unhappy, negative and self sabotaging thoughts. Thoughts against us. Not in our favor. Thoughts are our best allies but can convert into our worst enemies.

“If you hold it in your head you can hold it in your hand”. This is a powerful affirmation as it defines the power of our minds; when we think intensively something, that thought will manifest into our reality, hence becoming real.

Most of our negative self talk, come from old patterns instilled in us by the education we have received, and especially the people closer to us, our families are the ones we heard most of the negative affirmations from. I invite you to write a list of things that you heard the most from your parents. Typically those will be: financial affirmations such us: we can’t afford it, we don’t have enough money, we are not rich. Punishment affirmations: if you do this I will punish you. Threatening affirmations: if you don’t do what I say I’ll tell your father. We constantly got frightening words rather than motivating and inspiring ones, therefore we made these paradigms our mental patterns, which then shape our lives.

These childhood ideas then define us as a person. Negative paradigms cause us to think negative thoughts. It’s extremely important to change this, as it will condition the rest of our life and will define whether we will be successful or not. We need to train our minds to think positively even though we don’t feel that way in that moment. By repetition we will become more and more familiar with positive thoughts and it will be natural to think positively. As we think more positive we feel better and it will become spontaneous to formulate other positive thoughts.

If fear is in our minds, we can work towards replacing it with trust. We need to trust life that it will provide us with what we need. When the time is right, what we search for will manifest in our life, but we must trust it the same way we trust our next breath will be there. As a result we will be a more confident, positive, happy and successful person.

Fear is black magic, it can attract into your life the things you want less; on the other hand trust will attract all the positive things you are longing for.

Here are some examples. Have you ever found that horrible insect somewhere in your home being the one you feared most? You attracted it by constantly visualizing it. A thought became real. Or maybe that time you were afraid to be late for work and guess what? You spilled something on you, you got all the red lights, heavy traffic and ended up to be late? Followed by the usual “I knew it!” One more time you attracted that possibility. Have you ever thought about someone who then messaged you or gave you a call? Maybe wished for a coffee and somebody showed up with a nice hot cup for you? All these episodes are not coincidences they are called synchronicities.

So why can’t we use this power in our favor by attracting the things we want more? Healthy relationships, good jobs, vibrant health, objects of desire, trips, adventures, wealth and so on.

The power is within you and it’s your responsibility to work around it to make the most of it and make it work for your benefit. It’s never too late to start and there’s not better time than the ‘now’.

Take the first step, start practicing today by listening this wonderful guided meditation by Louise Hay and let me know how it goes.

Dead ends brings new beginnings

Have you ever felt as what you are doing is not satisfying you anymore? Or maybe it never did. Maybe a lack of purpose and meaning in what you are doing, a job you are doing for the salary, or something that doesn’t give you that burning interest that pushes you forward.

In 2018 I had been working for the same company for 2 years and I felt that job wasn’t offering me any progression and with that, I don’t refer to a promotion, if not to a sense of accomplishment in doing what I was doing. Office jobs are easy: 9 to 5, free weekends and a overall nice atmosphere. Despite that, I took one of the best decision of my life. I had to quit my comfort zone. In January of that same year, I had visited one of my favorite countries in the world: Dominican Republic. It had left in my heart wonderful memories alongside a bitterness for its poverty.

My calling was clear. I had to leave my comfortable life and do something worthwhile, which not only would have helped others but would have changed my life for good. I didn’t know how I was going to do it but something was very clear. I had to go to DR and spend some time there. But as every projects that requires traveling it came with a cost. I had to maintain myself in a foreign country while of course having to keep up my payments, rents, bills etc. in London. That didn’t scare me, I had a plan.

When I told my friends and colleagues about the idea, the question I got more asked was: how will you do with the money? I wasn’t rich, yet my motivation pushed me through a plan. I had 3 months to work on my savings before the trip. During those months I cut much of the useless stuff: Amazon prime membership , Uber trips, dinners and drinks, useless cloths shopping and so on. I was still enjoying life, meeting up friends and have fun, but in a smart way. That gave me the chance to put aside not only the money to face the trip for 1 month but to pay rent, bills and living costs for when I would be back, because I knew the time I would return in London, I would have been nicely jobless.

I remember many colleagues at that time told me “I wish I could do it too.” And I used to reply ” What stops you from doing it?” I usually didn’t get any answer, just a vague look who hid deep thoughts.

Me and my sister started to work straight away on our project. We planned our fundraising, we knew what we wanted. To pack for a purpose. The fundraising was successful and in less than 3 months we obtained monetary donations as well as school materials, and sports supplies for kids in need.

Motivation was firing up and soon was time to give my notice at work. It felt so refreshing. I was so excited for what I was about to do. When you take choices like this, people will say you are crazy, that you are leaving a great job and your comforts and that you won’t find anything better than what you have. Sadly most of the times, this come straight from the people we love most. Security is paramount importance, having a safe job, a safe life, a safe shell is what is most encouraged. Getting out of your comfort zone is a thing for few.

When you know deep in your heart what you are doing is the right thing for you, then you don’t need to seek for anybody else approval. Yours is enough.

The time came and we flew to our new destination. It was extremely rewarding. In the end what mattered most was the genuine gratitude people showed us. Unforgettable smiles.

If you are curious about the project, have a look at my Facebook page right here. You can also read the article published on Pack for a purpose website right here.

If you feel you have a bigger mission to accomplish but something is stopping you to pursue it, get in touch. Mutual motivation is the key and I can share some insights with you that have helped me a lot. The reward I got from this adventure was priceless. By living this experience in first person I learned a lot more than I could by staying in my shell. These are the most valuable lessons I took away with me: material possessions don’t mean nothing, everything we have is a blessing, experiences matter more than objects, people are the real plus in our life, travels make you wiser, having less makes you happier.

Packing for a purpose has brought me even more than that by bringing me lots of love. That’s in fact where I met my husband and I couldn’t be more grateful to have a person like him by my side. That clearly means something for me: do what you love and you will be blessed with positivity and bliss.

When I came back to London, finding another job was extremely easy, because I had learnt not to focus on any limitating belief. I found another job I liked very much and that most important, I had a whole loads of memories I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Don’t be scared, step out of the comfort zone, don’t listen what others say, see your goals, pursue your dreams.

If you have any stories that resound with this please share!

I made this video documentary myself about the project so you can have an idea of what it was like. I hope it can inspire you and give you the confidence to go for your ambitions. Enjoy.

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