Vision Boards: Reality or Fiction?

Do Vision Boards Work?

The short answer is YES THEY DO.

If you hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand.

Walt Disney

A vision board is nothing but a concrete expression of a dream or goal we set to achieve. Visualizing is undoubtedly a remarkable technique to accomplish our desires. However, imagining the goal itself isn’t always effective for everyone.

First and foremost, you need to be crystal clear about what you want.
Write it down, say it out loud and if you can, turn your desire into a picture. Pictures are a powerful tool to use to attain our dreams. Combining words, pictures and lucid dreaming is the most efficient way to manifest the infinite possibilities into the material world.

In order to create your own vision board, think about the different categories of life. Here’s an example based on the Lifebook from Jon and Missi Butcher.

With so many online graphic tools to design, it’s never been this easy before. For each category choose an image that represents your goal. Remember to be crystal clear on what you wish. A new car, your dream villa, the perfect relationship, a life full of adventures, personal freedom, a certain career, vibrant health. There are no limits to our imagination, we are the ones who create the limits in the first place and as we believe certain things are unattainable, so it is.

Vision boards should be taught in school. Children are naturally creative and dreaming comes easily to them. However, as society doesn’t foster creativity and independence, all that potential power gets blocked and limited, then we grow into mediocre adults with no dreams.

Where should I have my vision board?

You can have the picture of your visions on your phone as long as you see it every day, although the best way is to have it printed nice and big, hang it on a wall where you can stop and observe it several times during the day. See yourself as you linger in those visions, doing the things you wish, obtaining what you dreamt of, and experiencing your best possible life.

If you’re a bit skeptical about the topic, the internet is full of success stories of people who manifested their dreams thanks to a vision board. A couple of examples that come to mind are:

  1. John Assaraf. You might remember his name from the documentary The secret. John ended up buying the exact same house he had on his vision board. Here’s the video in which he shares the story. John is a behavioral neuroscience researcher and coach. You find a lot of insightful content on his website.

2. Juliana and Mark Spiculuk. Founders of Boho Beautiful

Juliana and Mark created something very special and beautiful. A brand and a Youtube channel providing free Yoga for everyone, all while traveling to the most beautiful destinations in the world the non-touristic way. In one of their videos, they explained how a vision board guided them to achieve their dream life when they still were living a normal life in Canada. They certainly visualized and dreamed but also put down hard work to make those dreams come true and create a new brand, to the point they were able to leave everything behind and begin a new life, traveling the world and doing what they love. Their channel has been a major discovery for me and if you love yoga or are curious to try their channel is brilliant for beginners and experienced alike. They also host podcasts and interesting videos about lifestyle, nutrition and personal development. Additionally, they’re really active in making positive environmental changes. So if you resonate with their mission, feel free to support them even just by following their channel or website.

It’s important to mention that a vision board alone, might not be as effective. It is a magical tool, yet it needs to be paired holistically with mindset work, taking actions, striving to improve every day, learning and anything else that pushes you in the direction of self-realization.

In conclusion, vision boards are an unmissable tool on your journey to self-mastery and goal-setting. They keep you on track and the feeling of satisfaction you’ll experience as you tick off your dreams list is one of a kind. Creating a vision board is simple and cheap, yet it’ll deliver results you never imagined possible. How will your vision board look? What images will you choose? Will you start today? You have nothing to lose, so go ahead and be the master of your own life.

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