Do it Yourself | Plant-Based Milk that Cuts Back Waste

With the right knowledge and ingredients, you can make pretty much everything yourself.
If like me, you ditched cow’s milk, chances are you rely on brands like Alpro or Oatley to get your vegetable milk. I was one of those but sadly I learned that the oils contained in this type of milk and other additives can wreak havoc on our health.

What’s the best solution then?

You can make your own plant-based milk! And the good news is it can be just as delicious as shelf milk or even better. Firstly because you made it, so you put all your love into it, secondly it’s CLEAN, it doesn’t contain any unpronounceable additives or processed oils like canola oil, lastly you can make it fresh every single time you need it with no need of making the trip to the market and last but not least it’s totally zero-waste. Yes, you are contributing to cutting down the waste that goes to landfill, how wonderful is that?

Every year tonnes of waste are dumped into landfills making the environmental issue more and more severe. So why not make some small adjustments that will be good for you and good for the planet?


I like to prepare enough milk for 2 days max, so I always have it fresh. Either boil a handful of cashew for 15 minutes or let it soak overnight. Blend with about 3 cups of water. No need to be strict with quantities. Play around with the amount of cashew and water to get your favorite texture. Then add a pinch of salt and vanilla if desired. Blend until smooth and drain with a cheesecloth or tight strainer. Your milk is ready to be enjoyed. Put the rest in a glass bottle or jar in the fridge. I also use this milk with a milk frother and it gets just as foamy as regular milk. So ideal for cappuccinos lovers.

Cashew is my favorite for milk, nonetheless, you can do exactly the same with almonds, Brazilian nuts, hazelnuts, or even a mixture of these.

If you are curious about zero waste, here’s a TedTalks video that has inspired me to cut back on waste and be healthier.

There’s so much we can achieve, if only we reach out to the vast volume of information out there.

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Thanks for reading ❤

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