Vegan Butternut Squash & Peas Spiced Curry

Sometimes the best culinary creations begin with inventing a recipe out of the only few ingredients you have left in the fridge.

I’m particularly proud of this dish because when I tasted it, I was literally shocked at how good it was. Curries are lovely in the winter: heartwarming and tasty, making it the perfect dish to keep healthy throughout the winter.


Get a mid-size pot and drizzle a little bit of olive oil. Mine is enriched with herbs and garlic so its flavor is even more enhanced. Don’t overheat it too much. When it’s warm enough add the scallion you had previously chopped, wait a few minutes, and then add the chopped leek. Give it a stir, then add the petit pois and diced butternut squash. Add a couple of bay leaves.

While this cook on medium heat for about 15/20 minutes, mix these ingredients in a blender: 1 cup of nut milk (I make my own, you can see how by clicking here), 2 garlic cloves, a piece of ginger, cilantro, and all the herbs and spices mentioned before. Once it’s all mixed up, add the mixture to the cooking veggies and give it a good stir. Finally, add salt to taste. Separate the mixture into two parts, leave one part in the pot, and blend the other part until soft and creamy. Once done add it back to the pot and stir. This way you’ll have a balanced curry, creamy but also rich in whole vegetables.

Note that I’ve added the mixture with garlic, herbs, and spices only towards the end and at a low temperature to avoid losing the great benefits of the medicinal foods contained in this recipe. If you add garlic straight from the beginning, unfortunately, the powerful compounds will lose efficacy and we want to reap the most benefits out of our foods, don’t we?

While the curry cooks, prepare the rice. For mine, I used white basmati but I normally prefer brown basmati rice. Even if cooking rice is simple, there are a few tricks to make it even better. Here’s how. Heat salted water with a tbsp of olive oil. The amount of water has to be just enough to barely cover the rice. Make sure you wash it thoroughly. Once the water is boiling add the rice and let it cook. I also add some cumin seeds or other spices to the water to make the rice flavorsome. Once the water dries, the rice should be cooked and crisp enough meaning each grain should be nicely separated and not all glued up like when you cook it in too much water. I love to cook rice this way, besides if you wait a couple of minutes more, the rice at the bottom will be toasted, becoming incredibly crunchy. Once you remove the majority of the rice, then you can scratch the toasted rice from the bottom of the pot and put it on top of your dish.

To finish off, I’ve added avocado slices with a drizzle of lemon and chives on top of the rice.

What I love the most about this dish, is that it was ready in under 30 minutes from the moment you chop the veggies to the table, which in my opinion is fabulous! Especially for those days in which you want to eat well but don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen. What’s more, you can cook bigger amounts and save it in the refrigerator, it will still taste superb the next day.

As you can see eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

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Thanks for reading ❤

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