10 Morning Rituals to foster Success

We have heard several times how morning routines are a vital part to set your day for success.

The problem with that is, that many people affirm they don’t have the time to implement it. Now whereas it might be easier if you don’t have any children and work from home, it might seems absolutely impossible for families with little ones to dress, feed, bring to school and get to work.

Saying we don’t have the time to do things that will improve our life, is like saying we don’t have time to stop at the gas station, at some point our car will stop and we’ll be forced to make our way to fill up. See the analogy? Why wait until our bodies force us to stop before we can take the time we need to thrive? For some people a morning routing may be as little as 5 to 10 minutes, yet it has a powerful impact on the rest of their day. If you are able to manage your time better though, by waking up earlier for instance, you’ll discover the morning miracle where all the potential and opportunities lays.

Time ago, I was myself stuck in the circle of waking up just in time to make my way to work and this way I’d waste that huge possibility to enhance my life. Many things have changed now, but one thing I realized is the importance of a strong morning routine. In my ideal day, these are all the things I’d include, on some days of course I’m not able to do all of them, but again even as little as few minutes can reap you fantastic results.

1 Remember and contemplate your dreams

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I knew that dreams are a great tool to access and analyse our subconscious, however only a few people cherish these habit and most rush into their phones even before opening their eyes. Your cell phone will set you straight into reactive mode, making you lose the magic of the relaxation state you carried from the night. You might even say that you don’t remember your dreams. If that’s the case here’s how I did to implement this habit. I followed Jim Kwik’s course on brain improvement. According to Jim, begin by setting the intention the night before. This is really powerful. Express the will of wanting to remember your dreams and your whys. The first few nights you might not notice any difference, over time though something should start shifting. When you wake up, keep your eyes closed and try to see if any images come up, if not be patient and try again the next day.

By fostering this habit you’ll notice how you’ll gradually remember more and more dreams and it’s spectacular how they can be insightful to resolve problems, have inspiration or understand an issue. You may even want to consider writing down your dreams on a journal with dates. It’ll be exciting to go back to your previous dreams and see if a pattern emerges.

2 Breathwork

Following rehydration, spending couple of minutes practicing deep breathing will change the chemistry of your body, shifting your vibration and clearing your mind to insight and clarity. I follow the Wim Hof method and techniques. It consists of 25/30 breath in and out after which you empty your lungs and go into retention till you feel the urge to breathe again. After that, you’ll inhale deeply and retain for further 15 seconds, lastly exhale and repeat the cycle for 3 or 4 times. Following my breathing practice my body feels astonishing, and tingling is signalling that tissues are very well oxygenated. That takes me to the next step:

3 Meditation

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After the body and mind are fully relaxed I can work on the content of my mind. Letting go stagnant energy, visualize, focusing on goals, or simply enjoy the ecstatic feeling. If you do the breathing properly and get into deep meditative state you can expect to have experiences similar to psychedelics. I’ve experienced that first hand.

4 Movement

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My favourite form of movement in the morning is yoga or some simple stretches to get all that oxygen flowing even more and removing stiffness from the night.

5 Cold shower

“A cold shower a day takes the doctor away”, says Wim. In fact this is your cardiovascular training. Begin with warm then last few seconds of your shower cold. You can increase cold exposure over time. If you’re curious about the Wim Hof method check this out:

6 Journaling

It’s not surprising that most successful people of the past and present have this habit in common. I always say that there’s something magical in the power of a pen and paper. As you write down your goals, gratitude journal, you are creating an invisible link between your soul and the universe that will eventually move you towards manifesting those. I normally write my goals short and long term with a date and also love to write the things I’m grateful for. Big or small.

7 Healthy breakfast/ Green juice Smoothie

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Starting the day with the right nutrients is the best thing you can do for optimal brain function, mood regulator, energy levels and overall health. A green juice or smoothie with added green powder, mushroom powder, ashwaganda or ginseng are all expectational ways to get those vital nutrients in.

8 Read for a few minutes

You might have heard that “Leaders are readers” or “The more you learn the more you earn”. I’ve heard that from the brain coach Jim Kwik. Expanding our knowledge is ultimately the tool to our personal development.

9 Healing nature

If you have the opportunity to spend time in nature you’re blessed. A short walk in nature, no matter how cold or warm it is. It’s healing, it grounds you, relaxes you, connect you deeply to your inner self and potential and it’s great for your health too!

10 Say how much you love yourself!

The last ritual is probably the fastest one nonetheless very powerful. Check the work of Louise Hay to understand the importance of mirror work and positive affirmations. Looking yourself into your eyes and say these words” I love you. I truly love you. I deeply and completely accept my self. I’m enough. “

The 10 rituals may take anything between 30 mins and one hour depending on how much time you spend for each task. If a day you have the chance to practice them all just give it a try and experience first hand how powerful they are. Don’t be demotivated if that sounds a lot to fit in your busy schedule. Begin with waking up 15 mins earlier every day until you make it a habit and try maybe even just one ritual or the ones that resonate more with you. Then you’ll be able to customize it and make your own routine that works best for you. It will always be there to serve you and pull you towards your visions and goals of a happy, successful life.

If you’re extremely busy in the morning, take a few seconds to breath as you wake up, be thankful for the blessing of your life, affirm that today is going to be an amazing day. You can do that in only a few seconds, nevertheless you’re changing the course of your day! As you become more conscious and experience shifts, you’ll be more encouraged to introduce even more rituals!

We have all the potential to be extraordinary if we take the time to develop the huge power within ourselves.


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We have the power to heal ourselves and create our wealth. If just we connect with the infinite power that created us ☮☯🧘‍♀️💕

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