Smoothie Bowls – Have it your way

Unleash your food creativity inventing your own smoothie bowls. These delicious and colorful dishes are so versatile that you can throw in all your favorite ingredients in one super tasty bowl.
It only takes seconds to make one and it tastes great! Furthermore, it gives you the chance to get all the super nutrients you need to kickstart your day with all the goodness you need.
Just make sure to have a variety of ingredients at hand. The rest is nice and quick.
Here are my favorites as shown in the pictures:

Red Berries Paradise

Make your smoothie with all your favorite fruits and include all types of red fruits (cherries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries). I like to add pomegranates to add extra antioxidants. Don’t forget a banana for smooth texture, mangos, pears, strawberries, and all that colorful goodness. You can also add Greek yogurt or vegan yogurt for an extra smooth consistency. If some of the fruits were frozen even better to have ticker consistency. I only prefer this option in the summer though, to make it more refreshing. I’ve tried it once in the winter and literally cooled my stomach. Pop everything into a blender and when all the ingredients are nicely mixed, pour the content into a bowl. Now my favorite part. Be the artist of your own breakfast! Decorate it your way. Add more pieces of fruits, shaved coconut, nuts, seeds, granola, goji berries and anything you’d love to see in your bowl.

Smoothie bowl for gourmand

The same process as above, this time my main ingredients are: bananas, cacao powder, and nuts butter. Paradise! Yes a calories blast, but sometimes that’s what we need especially when we have long, intense days or we work out a lot. For the decoration, it goes pretty much as with the previous bowl.

Optional ingredients: mushrooms powder, green powder, ashwagandha powder.

Preparing smoothie bowls is a breeze! Easy, quick and delicious. WIN-WIN
We often fall into the trap of routine and end up preparing the same foods for breakfast again and again. What do you often eat for breakfast? Next time before you prepare that porridge, toast or worse reach out for that pastry, try one of these incredibly tasty smoothie bowls and discover that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

To a joyful, healthy life. Become extraordinary at every bite ♥


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