Leave It To The Universe- The Power of Letting Go


In this post today I’m going to talk about the power of letting go and knowing you no longer have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

According to Buddhism, the secret beyond happiness in life, is letting go of attachment and desires. Letting go means experiencing life with unconditional love, fully and openly without being needy for things or people for our existence.

If you take a close look to the reality around you, you will notice how the people that are more desperate to obtain something are those who reach less. Why is so? It’s difficult to explain how the universe work, but it’s just the way it is, so if we take a little effort by observing the world around us, then being an active player in the beautiful game of life will become easier as we learn every day more on how we can live a fulfilling, happy life. Let’s have a look to different categories in life:


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When a person is greedy and has a strong desire for money what they are actually doing is to push it away from them. The message you give is the same for each category and it goes: “I don’t trust my self to be worthy to deserve it, I’m not sure the universe will provide it therefore I have to fight for it.” By doing this we are going completely against the natural law. You can certainly make a wish and express the willing to obtain something but the fundamental part is to let go immediately after, by trusting it will manifest, or even better that is already part of our life. If it’s money you want to attract then complaining about the lack of money won’t certainly attract it to you. A feeling of self worth and knowing you are valuable and skilled, will allow the universe to draw wealth to you. There is so much abundance in the universe, we can’t just think there’s not enough for everyone. Like Louise Hay said “It’s not a lack of wealth, it’s a lack of love”. What are your mental patterns from the past about money? Maybe you grew up in a family where you always heard things like this: “we can’t afford that, we don’t have enough money, we are not rich”. These are terrible affirmations to say to kids as they will grow up with the idea of lack and limitation in their minds and that money is something out of reach. Why instead can’t we empower ourselves and others, especially while parenting, with ideas of prosperity and abundance? This is a very important shift to work on, if you desire more wealth into your life. You surely have skills and passions, it all start from there, focus on what makes you happy and the wealth will follow. State the following affirmation “I trust the universe to provide me with abundance and prosperity, I am wealthy and rich”.


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When a person is needy for love, for a relation what they are actually obtaining is pushing people away. People who complain that they are lonely, and nobody love them won’t certainly attract the right person to them, instead the opposite. The saying: you need to love your self first to be ready for love is absolutely true. We can’t expect the person of our dream showing up at your doorstep, if we don’t love ourselves, we don’t think we are worthy, and don’t look after ourselves. Past trauma is also to be considered, if we haven’t healed from past hurt or difficult relationships, how can we attract love to us? It’s important to release all that has hurt us in the past and do some forgiveness work, clear the clutter, get into loving the self, pamper yourself, look after yourself, feel good with your own company and never feel alone. When we love ourselves unconditionally, then we are making room to love in our life, all at once the right person resonating with the matching vibration will show up in your life. If we haven’t done the work that needed to be done, stay assured only negative people will enter your life to reflect the hurt and lack of love you carried in you. How many times have we seen friends or family going from a difficult relation to a worse one, attracting the wrong person relation after relation, maybe abusive, violent partners, and the history repeats itself. Why? Because of the simple reason we just said. We need to clear the clutter inside us before we can make space to a genuine, natural, loving relation.


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Health works just the same way. If we claim we want to be healthy then we obviously need to take all the necessary steps to keep us in good health. But much of this result is given by the way we think. We can keep up with all the best healthy practices known, but our minds are what have even more power and from that will depend the level of health we’ll experience. If the first thing we say when we get ill is: I want to get rid of this condition, I hate to have this condition and so on, all we are doing is extending the disease and creating more of it. Poor health is the way of our body to communicate we are out of track and our behavior or way of thinking need to be adjusted. The body gets sick to force us to rest and think. Rather than taking this opportunity, many of us run straight away into the medicines cupboard to find a solution or to a doctor. All that your body wants is that you stop and think. Ask yourself: what is my body trying to tell me? What is that I need to know in order to heal? Health is the natural state of each human being. As well as other things we could trust good health is our divine right and constantly communicate with ourselves to see what it is we need or that we must eliminate. What are your health goals? Write them down and then state “I trust the universe to look after myself and keep me in harmonious health. I am willing to release the pattern within me that is causing this condition.”


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At work is easy to create moments in which we feel uncomfortable, maybe with a colleague, with a manager or a situation. If we cling to those and take them home when we leave work, all we are doing is creating more negative energy within ourselves and this will attract more of what we dislike. Next time you experience a problem at work, try to detach from it, let it go. Forgive your boss for being unpleasant, forgive a colleague that has done you wrong and move on. By leaving all the negative garbage back, you’re moving towards a happier you a more enlightened person. When you let go, the universe will work its way around you to give you more of the good you deserve. The more you give energy to something you don’t like, the more you are creating of it. Remember this old saying: “What you resist persist”. Next time you have an argument at work, seek a quiet space and do some breathing work and state: “I now consciously choose to let go anything that hurt me, I’m calm and at peace. I get on well with anybody”. Analyze if you are in the wrong job or career; probably you are, for a series of decisions taken previously on autopilot mode. What are your talents and your skills? What are your passions? Ask the universe to show you the way to the perfect career for you, then let go. When the time is right you will notice people and situations appearing in your life who will change the course of it.

Life doesn’t have to be necessarily hard, if just we learn a few things on how the universe work. We certainly can’t know it all and most of the mysteries around the universe are to remain so. But with a little observation of life and above all of ourselves, we can manage to find the balance we look for. It is true that many of us have been raised with certain ideas about the world that are hard to eradicate and replace, but this is not impossible and only requires practice.

There are several books and mentors who can guide you through the process of destructing old beliefs that don’t serve you anymore and build new ones, that will make you a better person, happy and satisfied with your life. The Code of the Extraordinary Mind is a book I recommend to anyone who is looking to totally revolutionize their ideas and start a new life. You can get your copy here. I also recommend to listen to the beautiful work of Louise Hay. You can find many audio book or speeches on YouTube.

In the end we all want to live a memorable, sensational blissful life and it’s not impossible.

We all deserve it.

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We have the power to heal ourselves and create our wealth. If just we connect with the infinite power that created us ☮☯🧘‍♀️💕

2 thoughts on “Leave It To The Universe- The Power of Letting Go

  1. Well done! I love this blog post. It truly explains why people don’t get what they desire, maybe this will open their minds😊❤


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