Move From A State Of Fear To Trust

We are constantly terrorized by our own thinking. Many of us think scary, unhappy, negative and self sabotaging thoughts. Thoughts against us. Not in our favor. Thoughts are our best allies but can convert into our worst enemies.

“If you hold it in your head you can hold it in your hand”. This is a powerful affirmation as it defines the power of our minds; when we think intensively something, that thought will manifest into our reality, hence becoming real.

Most of our negative self talk, come from old patterns instilled in us by the education we have received, and especially the people closer to us, our families are the ones we heard most of the negative affirmations from. I invite you to write a list of things that you heard the most from your parents. Typically those will be: financial affirmations such us: we can’t afford it, we don’t have enough money, we are not rich. Punishment affirmations: if you do this I will punish you. Threatening affirmations: if you don’t do what I say I’ll tell your father. We constantly got frightening words rather than motivating and inspiring ones, therefore we made these paradigms our mental patterns, which then shape our lives.

These childhood ideas then define us as a person. Negative paradigms cause us to think negative thoughts. It’s extremely important to change this, as it will condition the rest of our life and will define whether we will be successful or not. We need to train our minds to think positively even though we don’t feel that way in that moment. By repetition we will become more and more familiar with positive thoughts and it will be natural to think positively. As we think more positive we feel better and it will become spontaneous to formulate other positive thoughts.

If fear is in our minds, we can work towards replacing it with trust. We need to trust life that it will provide us with what we need. When the time is right, what we search for will manifest in our life, but we must trust it the same way we trust our next breath will be there. As a result we will be a more confident, positive, happy and successful person.

Fear is black magic, it can attract into your life the things you want less; on the other hand trust will attract all the positive things you are longing for.

Here are some examples. Have you ever found that horrible insect somewhere in your home being the one you feared most? You attracted it by constantly visualizing it. A thought became real. Or maybe that time you were afraid to be late for work and guess what? You spilled something on you, you got all the red lights, heavy traffic and ended up to be late? Followed by the usual “I knew it!” One more time you attracted that possibility. Have you ever thought about someone who then messaged you or gave you a call? Maybe wished for a coffee and somebody showed up with a nice hot cup for you? All these episodes are not coincidences they are called synchronicities.

So why can’t we use this power in our favor by attracting the things we want more? Healthy relationships, good jobs, vibrant health, objects of desire, trips, adventures, wealth and so on.

The power is within you and it’s your responsibility to work around it to make the most of it and make it work for your benefit. It’s never too late to start and there’s not better time than the ‘now’.

Take the first step, start practicing today by listening this wonderful guided meditation by Louise Hay and let me know how it goes.

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We have the power to heal ourselves and create our wealth. If just we connect with the infinite power that created us โ˜ฎโ˜ฏ๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ’•

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