Visualize Trust Manifest How to achieve anything you desire

An Italian saying goes: “Ridi che la vita ti sorride”. It means: Smile and life will smile back at you.

That means, your attitude towards life can shape what direction you are going to.
If you’ve been stuck in all or some aspects of your life, it’s worth to have a look at what your recurring thoughts are. Thoughts shape your reality. Every single thought you make, influence your life; in a good or a bad way. From the moment you open your eyes, to the time you close them for bed time, your mind is constantly crossed by an endless stream of thoughts.

An average person makes 60.000 thoughts per day. Unfortunately the majority of people make self destructive thoughts, scary thoughts, negative thoughts. What instead, if we could get in control of our thoughts, or at least part of them, to focus on thinking thoughts that are positive, funny, healing, constructive, loving, caring?

I invite you to take an experiment and for one day just go through your day as you normally would, without influencing your thinking. On day 2 instead, practice positive affirmations, write them down, think positively. Entertain yourself with all sort of affirmations that are good for you. You will see magic happen. Everything will seem to be in your favor, things you wanted will manifest, maybe that coffee will taste better, that person you were hoping to see will show up, that traffic light will turn straight to green when you approach…. all this why? Because you set your self on the vibration of positivity, so you will attract experiences that resonate with your vibration. This is what i call FLOW.

On the other hand, when you wake up in a bad mood and start creating negative thoughts, it seems like one bad thing happens after the other. You get clumsy, spill coffee, can’t find things, get stuck in traffic jams, arrive late and so on.

Isn’t that amazing? It proves we human work as a radio and we can choose what frequency and channel to connect to. If we have this great power in our beings, why then so few people use it or are aware of it?

The answer is that nobody has taught us this. Hopefully in the future this is something that will become a school subject. People need to know and so much pain could be avoided. Some people eventually will get across this way of thinking and resonate with it, recognize it make sense and make it their own way of living. But a big number of other people, stay unaware of this mechanism their entire life, and think life it’s just about being lucky or not.

What if they told you that you are choosing your future every instant of your day, by doing certain types of thoughts? It can feel scary and it can make you feel incredibly powerful, as somehow we get in charge of our own life rather then live in autopilot mode.

Achieving your goals, means you visualize what you want and you act as if you already have it. Then what you desire will manifest.
Yet many people, do know what they want but then get stuck along the process. Because their mind make all sort of destructive talks, saying they will never achieve what they want. But something in our nature tell us it doesn’t have to be like that. Your life is a miracle. Your heart is beating right now, and it does it by itself, automatically with no effort to you. Or as mentioned by Louise hay “there is something far important and precious to us. It’ sour breath, the most precious substance in our life and yet we give it for granted that our next breath will be there. if we didn’t take another breath we wouldn’t last 3 minutes, the power that has created us has given us enough breath to last as long as we shall live. Can we not trust life that anything else we need will also be supplied?”

When you expect good things in your life, and you trust it, just the way you trust your next breath, those things will manifest into your life. There is no chance this does not happen. I can guarantee this to you. But you don’t need to believe anyone words, the answers are around you. Just observe them. Why some people are extremely lucky while others are the total opposite? When you start noticing the world around you with this new conception in your mind, you will see things differently and much of your world will start to make perfect sense.

Many like to call this the law of attraction, the law of vibration, laws of the universe etc. You can choose to accept or reject this beliefs, but the fact is you believe it or not, the universe still work it’s way around you and it’s up to you to turn these universe laws into your favor or not.

People around the world, including many celebrities, have shared their stories on how they managed to get sudden wealth, health, success or whatever they were aiming to, by applying these very simple principles. The internet is full of very interesting stories, but the best ones that speak the truth are your own personal experiences. Stop and observe the events of your life. You will be amazed.

As any other thing, if you want to manifest something in your life, you need to be consistent. You can’t practice positive affirmations for a day, nicely writing your desires, practice gratefulness, and then expect the miracle the next day. Sure something very positive might manifest faster than you thought, but to really achieve whatever is your objective, you need to totally change the way your mind thinks; what they call paradigms. You might consciously do the work right, but it’s what is stored in your subconscious you need to pay attention to. If your subconscious is full of garbage then you need to clean that first. Anything that you have absorbed from your first year of life till now.
Stop and ask: does this belief or thought serve me well? Write down the answers, spend time with yourself. Make a list of all that no longer serve you. Make your own system of beliefs. By cleaning up all paradigms that work against you, you can then work on creating new thinking pathways.

How do you do that? The same way you did to learn in school. By repetition. Repeat your affirmations daily until your subconscious register them and make it true for you. You don’t have to worry on how things happen, just focus on the result you want. Your subconscious mind will do the rest.

The same goes for anything you are trying to achieve. You just have to have clear what you want, the how is not your work, leave that to the superior intelligence that has created you. When a problem occur repeat yourself: “out of this situation only good will come, I’m calm and peaceful, and everything will be solved for the highest good of all people involved.” Repeat this affirmation non stop. You will be surprised how quickly the solution can present itself.

It doesn’t matter if its spiritual things you are searching for or material. This principle work for every aspect of your life: health, wealth, relationships, jobs and so on.


The very first step is to make time for your self. We are constantly surrounded by distractions. When we finish work, we get our laptops, when we finish with laptop we get our phone, when we finish with phone we turn the TV on, all the way till bed time. This way you are choosing to keep your mind 24h busy and distracted and not giving the possibility to reorder your thoughts. Solo time is necessary to calm your mind. Meditate, be mindful and make room for meditation. Especially at the beginning when you are working on the destructing/reconstructing process of your beliefs system.


Do mirror work, every time you see a mirror look into your eyes and express love for yourself. Don’t be shy. That’s all you need to hear; that the person that matters more, loves you, and it’s you. Accept yourself unconditionally, you don’t have to change to please anyone. Once you are in tune with yourself and you love yourself non stop, you will see miracles happening in your life. Loving yourself creates a positive colorful aura and people around you will be magnetically attracted to you.


The environment we live in reflect our inner world. Your mind can’t be organized and clear if your space isn’t. So work on getting rid of all that you no longer need. Make a list of all things you want to get rid of in your life, and a list of all things you want in your life, physical or not.


When you start doing something different out of your routine, you entire energy system get shaken up and you open the door to the new.


Everyday write a list of things you are grateful for, at first it can be hard, but the more you do it the more you will see the infinite list of things that make your life beautiful, better, comfortable. There are so many things that enrich our existence, yet we can’t see them, as we are not used to pay attention to things, that we give for granted. Be grateful for the very bed that let you slept comfortably, your home that protect you as a loving shelter, the fresh clean water you get daily effortlessly (some people in the world need to walk hours for a few litres of dirty water). The good food you enjoy daily, the warm sun, the life around you…the list can go on for ever. By being grateful for the things you already have, you will attract more good things to be grateful for.


Affirmations are exactly what we need to recondition our way of thinking, by repetition we input them in our brain to the point they will be ours. Normally this happen after 30 days. You can create your own, or listen to them, you find many resources on Spotify or Youtube. Listen overnight, as you commute, while you do other things. This will stop your mind to wander wherever it wants to and help you to stay present.


On a random time during the day observe your thoughts. What did you catch yourself thinking of? If it’s something negative then immediately replace that thought with something that makes you happy: think of your pet, or a happy baby that you love, or one of the things that make you smile. You can recall a memory that made you particularly happy, focus on the emotions you felt, to live them in the present moment. This will instantly tune with the good vibrations radio and quit the crap channel.

Once you choose carefully what are the things you really want, feel and behave as you already have it. If you practice all this for at least 30 days there is no way your life will stay the same, but don’t expect that opportunity, that new relationship, that new job or whatever it is will come and knock at your door. You need to be out, make contact with people, be open and you will be creating the channel between you and the universe.

Don’t get obsessed with your desires, once you write them down and feel with confidence they are yours, let them go and carry on with your life. When you less expect it you will find what you wanted is already yours.

What is keeping you stuck? How do you feel about your life? Do you believe in your own power to change things? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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We have the power to heal ourselves and create our wealth. If just we connect with the infinite power that created us ☮☯🧘‍♀️💕

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